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Humble Brag

I'm want to take a minute to gush about my husband.

He seriously is my favorite person in the world, and this weekend we took time to celebrate him.

He has worked the past 5 years to earn his PhD from Iowa State University in Education Leadership.

Babe, I don't know how you did it. 5 years, 3 career changes, 2 children, a house move, the devastating loss of your mom... Throughout both big and small life moments - you have continued to be the best husband, father, friend and colleague. Diaper changes, bedtime routines, taking care of our home, traveling for work, teaching, vacations, friend and family events - all the amazing things that make our life, our life - you were there, giving 110% to it all.

I don't think I could have done all of this and then added going back to school and getting a doctorate. I know you had to sacrifice and there were moments of stress and late nights - but you always managed to make it work. Whether it was listening to test interview recordings in the car, getting up early, staying up late, working on the road - you never made us feel like it was too much.

I hope our children get your drive, your work ethic, determination and wicked smaaaughts. I hope they learn from the way you work through stress and pressure so easily. Even when you have a million things going on, you are kind, engaged and pleasant to be all you come across.

I wish your mom were here to see this. I know she would join me in the cheering section. I can just see her now, quietly bragging to all her friends about you, but you know, in a quiet, nonchalant way. I know she has a front row seat to this and is shining down.

Babe, I'm just so proud of you. I'm proud to be your partner. I'm proud to be your baby momma. I'm proud to do life with you.

You're the BEST! Thank you for continually working so hard to provide a great life for our family.

To the moon.



We spent Saturday walking around Iowa State's campus - it was beautiful and our family had never been before. After taking some family photos, we headed back home for fun kid activities, a BBQ (with my favorite rib recipe), fireworks and an epic front year dance party. It was a good day!

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