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It's Friday and the last day of my maternity leave.  Instead of cry over this time coming to a close, I'm going to snuggle my baby and get my son early from school to visit the pumpkin patch for a fun school outing.  Have a great weekend! 

1. New Season. Not only is Fall here but I'm entering a new season of motherhood. My maternity leave is officially over and I start back to work on Monday. I continue to feel blessed to have this meaningful time at home with Madeleine. She is the most amazing baby girl and I wouldn’t trade the time I had with her, just the two of us for anything. I'm thankful I have a job I absolutely love to go back to.  We are heading into a busy time which I think will help with this transition. Fingers crossed for a positive, healthy transition to daycare. 

2. The Great British Bakeoff. I've discovered this show while on maternity leave. I don't know what it is - but it makes me so happy. Their sweet accents, the kindness all the contestants show to one another, the delicious treats they make in each show, the quirky co-hosts - if you have a lot of time on your hands or the need for a new Netflix show - check it out.  

3. Start your week of right. Now that our family has grown, I can already see the importance of Sundays. We normally start our Sundays off with church and grocery shopping. I know once I go back to work, life will get even crazier. I liked this list of helpful things to do on Sunday so you can start your week off right.  

4. Pumpkin Flavors. While I'm not a fan of warm pumpkin spiced beverages everyone is raving about this fall, I'm a fan of baked goods. I think I'll try to whip this or this up over the next couple of weeks. 

5. Reincarnation. My husband asked me this week if I believe in reincarnation. I told him I did. I read something that said, "Our souls exist before we were born and continue to exist after we die. And the process of being reborn continues over and over as our souls evolve spiritually." We believe Pat has been reincarnated into little M. She is such a peanut and looks so much like Tim (tummy problems...) and a whole lot of love - we think she might have stayed on earth in M. I love thinking that way.  She's not gone, she's just here in a different form.  

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