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Madeleine - 10 Weeks

Sweet Baby M,

You are 10 weeks old (and 11 when I finally publish this blog post...) I started getting emotional this morning. I looked at you and realized I only have a little over a week left with you at home. The past two months have been wonderful, exciting, sleepless, stressful, emotional and incredible. My heart has doubled in size. Your father and I have become an even stronger team. Life is more chaotic but more fulfilling. You continue to be such a gift to our family. We love you so!

What's new with you? Let me tell you.

No bottle for you. You still struggle to take a bottle. We try every day and you hate it. You've latched a couple of times but end up wailing. I know you'll figure this out (you're going to have to...) but I want this process to be easy on you. I'm praying for a miracle before you have to go to daycare. Regardless, I have to remind myself with babies and kids - everything is a phase. I know we'll get through it.

Momma's Girl. You are certainly a momma's girl. This is probably normal for most infants but I love the bond you and I have. I love how I can always calm you and usually it takes me taking you in my arms for you to calm down.

Car Seat - Get Me Out. Another difference between you and your brother. He loved his car seat - you absolutely hate it. I don't think we've put you in it yet without some wails.

Slept from 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. and then you got a cold and haven't slept through the night since... You slept through the night baby girl! And then you didn't. I still think it's amazing. You started getting a cold and since then, you've had a harder time sleeping all the way through. That's ok. You're still way ahead of where your brother was at this age :) You normally only get up once throughout the night and I think that's AMAZING!

So smiley. Gaining your voice. I lovey our smiles. They are coming more frequently. You're also starting to coo more which is fun. I almost made you laugh today - I can't wait for that to come naturally.

Daycare. You spent your first few hours at daycare last week. I had a hair appointment so I dropped you off for the afternoon. They said you did great. It was a great opportunity for me to be away from you for a few hours. Baby steps for mom!

Nicknames. Only two months old and you already have nicknames. Dad likes to call you sweet pea. I call you M. Teddy calls you baby sister. Grandma Kiki is thinking about calling you "Emmie". It's the M and E from Madeleine Elizabeth. I think that could be a really cute thing between the two of you.

First bath. You're finally big enough to take a bath in your little bathtub. I tried last month, but you were way to small. You are finally comfortable and I think baths are now enjoyable for you.

Baby on the go. You have already experienced your first Drake Football game. First Drake Volleyball Game. First pumpkin patch. Thanks to big brother, we try to fit in a lot of fun activities on the weekend.

Deep Focus. It is so fun to watch you focus on faces and voices. You like to look deep into our eyes and follow our voices as we talk to you. It's so fun.

You are growing and we love you so much. I'm going to soak up the rest of this season with you at home. I'm anxious to go back to work but I have faith the transition to daycare will be a good one. I'm ever thankful for these past 10 weeks with you. I love you so much!



P.S. You have the most amazing mohawk right now. I'm interested to see how your hair grows but for now you've got a pretty awesome look going for you.

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