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Fall Bucket List

Fall is officially here. Every September, I like to make a to-do list for my favorite season of the year. Here's what I hope to experience this fall. What's on your list?

1. Take family photos. (DONE) We got some great family photos taken a few weeks ago. They turned out so great! I'm excited to get them printed and hung in our home. I also want to take advantage of the beautiful fall scenery when we are out and about.

2. Family day at Center Grove Orchard. I love this place. We have been taking Teddy to Center Grove since he was a baby so it's a tradition I want to carry on. They have so many fun things to do, including a pumpkin patch, apple orchard, petting zoo and A TON of kids activities. We already have this on the calendar and I can't wait to go!

3. Make an apple bar. Or a pumpkin cookie. Or something from scratch with ingredients I picked up at Center Grove. I'm not a pie person but I love bars and pumpkin type breads. Every Fall I have the biggest intention to buy apples at an orchard and take them home to make some sort of homemade dessert. And every year I don't follow through. Well you've read it here - I am DETERMINED to make SOMETHING. Stay tuned.

4. Carve pumpkins. Teddy is at the perfect age to have fun with this. I can't wait to see him get messy and decide what type of face we carve.

5. Downtown Farmer's Market. I want to take advantage of these last two months of the Farmer's Market. Our weekends are pretty booked, but I'm determined to get downtown for the market as often as possible. I also want to make sure and pick up some fun gourds to decorate the house with.

6. Train for the Blank Children's ALL STARS race. I have a month to take advantage of this beautiful weather and run outside getting ready for my All Stars 5K race. I'm so excited to run again this year and raise money for Blank Children's Hospital. I am so unbelievable blessed to have a healthy and happy child. Unfortunately I know that's not the case for everyone! Please join me in making a gift to Blank Children's Hospital in support of the All Stars 5K Race I am training for. Every $10 gift will get me closer to my $250 goal. Your gift WILL make a difference for the little hero's facing big battles each and every day. Click here to make a gift.

7. Comfort Food. I can not wait for comfort food season. Tim already has a request in to make Tater Tot Casserole and my grandma's Hamburger Soup recipe is high on my list.

8. Teddy's Halloween Costume. I never cared about Halloween costumes or putting time into putting cute costumes together until I had Teddy. I'm still finalizing what I want to do but I'm leaning towards Mater from Cars. Isn't this so cute??? However, I went in to buy this costume and I found out it's sold out... so on to plan B... HELP!

9. Trick or Treat. I can't wait for Trick or Treat this year. We have so many kids in our new neighborhood, I can't WAIT to take Teddy trick or treating as well as to hand out candy to all the kiddo's. It's going to be SO. MUCH. FUN.

10. Host a Harvest Dinner Party in preparation for Thanksgiving. My thanksgiving is spent working every year at the Festival of Trees and Lights (SO MUCH FUN - TAKE YOUR FAMILIES!) Since Thanksgiving sometimes get's overlooked, I thought it would be fun to have Harvest Dinner Party where I can cook some of my favorite Thanksgiving dishes in celebration of the upcoming holiday season.

11. Fall Movies. Hocus Pocus and Harry Pottery marathon - Here. I. Come. (Tim and I were talking and he didn't think Harry Potter was a Halloween movie. I think Harry Potter is ANY holiday movie. That's why they have marathons on at EVERY holiday. 4th of July. Memorial Day Weekend. Valentine's Day. Halloween. Thanksgiving. Christmas. New Years. There's always a marathon on and I LOVE IT!)

12. Football. We've already made it to a Norwalk and Drake game. I'm excited to enjoy a couple more this Fall.

13. Get organized with Holiday gifting. Every year I say I'll start my holiday shopping early so I can spread out the spending - but every year it's two weeks before Christmas and I'm frantically trying to get everything purchased. I really want to try to be more organized this year. Start shopping now so it's less on the bank each month!

14. Be thankful. More than anything on this list, I want to spend time being thankful. I have SO MANY blessings and I count them each and every day.

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