Easiest Sugar Cookies Ever

January 14, 2014

Hello Monday! 


I want to tell you a secret. 

Sometimes I need a little help when it comes to baking.  Like when I’m running late for a party and don’t have time to bake…. anything…


So I fake it.  (shhhh. it’s ok).


I made assembled these cookies for a Thanksgiving party a couple of months ago (hence the fall colored sprinkles) and they wen’t over pretty well.  This is now my go-to “recipe” when I’ve agreed to bring dessert but am down to the wire.


Do I apologize. Never. Sometimes we just need a little help.  My help comes in the form of Hy-Vee pre-boxed sugar cookies and a tube of Pillsbury vanilla frosting.  #sorryimnotsorry.

Best of all, they look homemade, taste delicious and take less than 10 minutes to “make”.

Easiest Sugar Cookies Ever 

  • Box of Pre-Made Hy-Vee Sugar Cookies (or your favorite grocery brand)

  • Tub of vanilla frosting

  • Seasonal sprinkles (switch up for whatever holiday/season you’re celebrating)

4 Very Easy Steps:


1. Buy pre-made cookies


2. Frost cookies generously.


3. Sprinkle cookies with seasonal sprinkles.


4. Take to party and pretend you spend the day slaving away.

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