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Taking Over Austin, TX

I spent 3 wonderful days in Austin, Texas last weekend celebrating my dear friend Tiffany at her bachelorette party. I met Tiffany in college and we became KKG sisters shortly after. She is one of the most genuine, caring people I know. A beautiful girl, with a ridiculous sense of humor. I am SO happy to know her. She’s found a great mate in Dave and the wedding’s in November. BUT, before the wedding, comes the fun!

These weekends are precious, filled with laughing so much it hurts, talking in “FRIENDS”, pictures, amazing food, dancing, and story telling. I am SO SO blessed to know these women. A huge thank you to Liz, Tiff’s BFF for planning a great, and memorable weekend.

Here’s a look at our trip!

A small group of us flew in late Thursday evening. We made our way to a kick-ass house Liz found on-line to rent. If you are traveling to Austin for a girls weekend, I highly recommend checking this place out. It was spacious and fit 13 of us comfortably.

Liz had a great idea for a confessional booth. Since we grew up in the age of Real World, we thought it would be fun to take video confessions throughout the weekend.

She also made the cutest gift bags for everyone who came. The bags were filled with everything you’d need on a girls weekend in Austin.

We woke up early on Friday and got ready for a full day. We headed to brunch at an amazing place called South Congress Cafe.

Seriously – look at this food. So. Freaking. Good.

After brunch we walked along South Congress for some great shopping. Most notably, we shopped at Allen’s Boots. Holy boots and western wear. I really wish I would have been on the market for some great boots, because if I were, this would have been the place to buy them.

Tracey and Katie were lucky to find some really cute pairs.

After a little shopping, we picked a couple more up from the airport and headed to Mozart’s Coffee Roasters for a specialty coffee pick-me up, a sweet treat and girl talk.

Before heading back to the house for a little relaxation, we headed to Mount Bonnell, also known as Love Mountain for some pretty pictures.

After a little R & R, we got ready for a fun night out. Theme: Western Wear. I was told that I look like a Canadian Lumberjack… they might be right…

Girls weekends are filled with candids… gotta have a lot of candids…

LOVE the Cowgirl Boots! When in Austin…

I’ve never really had a need to blog telling you NOT to go somewhere while traveling. But we had a little experience while out on Friday evening at The Broken Spoke. The Broken Spoke is best known for their Country Line Dancing and was recommended to us by everyone. We however didn’t stay long after being verbally assaulted and called, “dingalings” by the unfriendly owner. I’m sad to say we left with bad tastes in our mouthes and I wouldn’t recommend ever going back. All I have to say is, “Access Denied.”

Instead we had a GREAT dinner in downtown Austin at Lamberts, best known for their “fancy BBQ”. We had a great table outside on their patio. Dinner under the stars with refreshing cocktails, delicious food and great conversation = the perfect evening.

We headed back to the house and had a great night in playing games and opening gifts. A detailed post with bachelorette game ideas to come.

We started Saturday off right with a winery tour in Fredericksburg, TX with a chauffeured limo to get us there. Not too shabby…

First Stop: Becker Vineyards. I LOVED their wines and they had a wonderful atmosphere. Plus, you got to keep the wine glass.

Story time. On the limo ride to the winery, we were asked to bring a small token that would help tell a story about Tiffany. I brought a small piece of fabric that represents childhood trinkets. (Both Tiffany and I bonded over still being in college with a baby blanket/hat – sorry I’m not sorry). It was a GREAT way to learn how all the women knew Tiffany and it was fun to see everyone get creative with their items.

Second Stop: Pedernales Cellars. This was a great winery with a lot of wines to try. Even better, they gave us our own tasting room – needless to say were were a rowdy group of women.

After conquering the wine, we headed back to Austin. Some of the girls headed to the salon for a traditional “Blow Out” while the rest of us took naps. After a relaxing afternoon, we gussied up for a night out on the town.

We had a fantastic dinner at Parkside (mac and cheese, say what?!) This was a great place for dinner: great cocktails, food, service and atmosphere.

After dinner we popped in and out of bars along 6th Street.

The story of the veil. This veil started a couple of years ago when the first of us, Jacque got married and has been worn at all the bachelorette parties of our sisters and their close friends. It’s kind of like the sisterhood of the traveling veil – sure to bring luck to all who wear it.

We’ll. That’s it. We saw a lot. Ate a lot. Danced a lot. Laughed a lot. Drank a lot. Thank you to all the lovely ladies who made the trip and helped make it so memorable!

Cheers to you Tiff! Can’t wait for the wedding!

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