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Web Gems

1. How to paint a chevron wall from the Crafting Chicks.

2. #100HappyDays. My best pal Mal inspired me to start the 100 Happy Days challenge. As life gets busier and busier, it is more important than ever we take time to appreciate the moment we are in and celebreate the small things that make us happy. It’s super easy to get started. Sign up here and get more details on how to participate. Won’t you join me?

3. Business card stamp. So personal.

4. Neato Frito Over-Stuffed Burrito from Foodie with Family. Have mercy.

5. Forget the hollywood definition of beauty. Dove is changing that one selfie at a time.

6. Sometimes creativity needs coaxing. Learn how to unlock your inner creativity.

7. 37 lessons in 37 years.

8. Casual. In love.

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